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The people behind INVENT KIDS!

Dr. Ed Sobey

Dr. Ed Sobey

Ed Sobey, Ph.D. is a world explorer with numerous scientific expeditions. He holds a Ph.D. in oceanography from Oregon State University.

Ed is a global evangelist for creative learning. He encourages creativity, inventing, and innovation through his books, workshops, and exhibits that travel to museums throughout the world. The Institute for International Education has awarded Ed two Fulbright grants for science teaching. Teachers in more than 30 countries have participated in his workshops.

He was the founding director of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, founder of the National Toy Hall of Fame, and co-founder of Kids Invent! He has directed five museums in the United States and served as President of the Ohio Museums Association.

Ed has published thirty-one books. Topics include science and technology, inventing, and physical fitness. In 2003, his writing was recognized with a Voice of Youth Activities Nonfiction Honor List. Ed’s work was also recognized with a 2005 Congressional Award for Inventing Equitable Futures.

Ed created and hosted the TV show The Idea Factory, an inventing TV show for children and hosted the science TV show, Blow the Roof Off, for Ohio Public Television.

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Dr. Timothy Stearns

Dr. Timothy Stearns

Dr. Timothy M. Stearns was previous holder of the Coleman Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies and the Founding Executive Director of the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at California State University, Fresno.

Professor Stearns received his MBA degree in management and a doctorate in management/sociology from Indiana University. He previously was a member of the Management faculty at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Marquette University. He has taught and led workshops on entrepreneurship and innovation to students and executives in Thailand, Poland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macau, India, Singapore, Nepal, Hong Kong, Germany, Malaysia, France, Belgium, Sri Lanka, and the People’s Republic of China.

Professor Stearns is co-founder of Kids Invent! a company selling creative hands on learning around the world. In April 2016 he founded Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc.  providing curricula, instruction, and training in entrepreneurship to educators and students alike. He is also host and organizer of the Global Elevator Pitch Competition held annually at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Conference.

In 2007, Professor Stearns won the prestigious Wang Family Excellence Award given each year to 4 faculty members selected from the 23-campus wide California State System. In January 2009, Professor Stearns was elected a Fellow of the U.S. Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, one of 79 Fellows who have been inducted since 1986. He also received the university’s 2009 President’s Award of Excellence which annually recognizes a faculty member at California State University, Fresno.