Making Science Fun at Home
or in the Classroom

Kids Invent! Lessons:

    •    Are interactive, hands-on and low-cost 
    •    Teach fundamental scientific concepts 
    •    Encourage understanding instead of memorization

    •    Teach use of tools and materials through experience
    •    Launches a love of learning

What teachers, parents and students are saying about KIDS INVENT!

“My child spends less time on his computer and more time on finding cool things to create because of Kids Invent!”

- Mrs. Garcia

“I appreciate the hands on materials, user-friendly guide and inventor’s logbook to increase the student’s understanding to difficult science concepts; AND it is something we all look forward to each week.”

— Ms. Abell, 5th Grade Teacher

“It Fascinates Me To See The Kids Have Fun While Learning. It Caught My Attention That As Soon As I Mentioned We Were Going To Work On Kids Invent, The Kids Jumped Up With Joy And Excitement.”

- Ms. Uribe, 6th grade teacher

“I love it so much and I love the creativity. It’s just exactly what I like to do. I like working with my group and getting to know them at the same time.”

— Stephanie H., 5th Grade Student


Sling Shot Car

Sling Shot Car

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Gravity-Powered Boats


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