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With decades of research on how kids learn, Kids Invent! incorporates education's best practices to engage children in hands-on learning of critical math and science knowledge and skills (STEM)

Kids Invent! applies the best practices into kids science project activities that are fun and easy to organize. Kids Invent! Creative Learning Activities integrate 21st century skills into learning science and technology. Best of all, Kids Invent! Creative Learning Activities meet many of the physical science content standards required in the classroom today.

Working with our kids Invention Activities, kids will solve a wide variety of problems while gaining insight into new ideas, learning important math and scientific principles and mastering problem solving. <Read More>

Ed Sobey - founder

Ed Sobey, Global Education Ambassador!

Dr. Sobey is internationally acclaimed for his insights into creativity for kids of all ages!

"Dr. Ed" globe trots to deliver a powerful message that kids learn best when they are creatively engaged. First a research scientist and later a museum director, Ed discovered the power of creative learning as Director of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. During the day he worked with the world's most successful inventors to discover what gave them the passion to make discoveries. He saw the same passion evolve at home as his young sons invented, played and learned. Seeing the same learning process at work in preeminent inventors and school-age children led Ed to develop the Kids Invent! approach. An approach that is highly sought by educators and policymakers all over the world.

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Welcome to Kids Invent! the online store and resource for educators, activity directors, home schoolers, and parents. Kids Invent! is the online gateway to Wildly Creative Learning™ for kids ages 7-15. Kids Invent! Kids Invention Activities are appropriate for schools, after school programs, home schools, summer camps, museums, and wherever kids are eager to experience hands on innovative learning.

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Kids Invent! Creative Learning Activities educate, excite, engage and entertain young people and will ignite your kids' natural curiosity, challenging them to create, problem solve and apply their ideas to invent things they can keep and share with others. To achieve this unique blend of education, invention, and entrepreneurship, Kids Invent! has adopted the learning model used by Thomas Edison and thousands of other inventors and applied it to learning for kids. Our kids invention activities inspire Wildly Creative Learning!™

Designed to teach kids about science, math, invention, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity through engagement with adult-led hands-on activities, Kids Invent! Kids Invention Activities are based on sound scientific principles. All of our kids invention activities are developed under the supervision of the Dr. Ed Sobey. Dr. Sobey, educated as a scientist, is a world-renown educator, author of 22 books on kids and invention and co-founder of Kids Invent!

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You can purchase Kids Invent! Learning Activities online and get your children started on these fun kids science projects. Download a free Kids Invent! Creative Learning Activity now! Simply select a category of your choice and click to see the many exciting kids invention activities we offer. Our Learning Activities are ready to download so your kids can begin to experience Wildly Creative Learning!™.

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Following are two videos of Ed Sobey being interviewed on TV in Asia. It is a great summary of what Kids Invent! is all about.